Never Blue Ads Review

I started using NeverBlueAds a few months ago and I’ve become really impressed with this CPA network. I’ve only experienced good things with them and love the stats they provide and how clean and crisp their site is. Plus it helps they have higher payouts on most offers.

Their site is very user friendly and you can quickly find which offers you are looking for. With one click you can find the top search, web, email, and top epc campaigns. Every offer that is listed has a network earnings bar. This is a big help in finding which offers you want to test. If other affiliates are doing good with an offer most likely you’ll be able to make some bank off of it as well. Of course this won’t always be the case but it can give you a quick indication of what works and what doesn’t.

Having good stats on how your offers perform is crucial to your success and NeverBlueAds does not disappoint in this department. Like other CPA networks they let you use sub ids but they go one step further by letting you input which of your sites the ad will appear on. When you run reports you can see which sites are performing and make it easier than sorting through tons of sub ids. If your more advanced with your stat keeping, you will be in heaven. They let you place image pixels on each campaign’s conversion page for all your sites in just one step. They also allow you to get a HTTP request for every conversion that is made and have the API technology for you to run stat reports in your own system.

There are tons of offers to choose from and they have the most dating offers I have ever seen from one network. I checked payouts on a bunch of dating offers and NeverBlueAds payout was 25% higher than the 3 other networks I compared them to. Plus my affiliate manager has always been helpful and friendly.

Easy Optimization with ClickTale

ClickTale brings analyzing your sites visitors to a new level. You can actually record their every movement on your site and then watch videos of everything they did. It is really interesting to see how people actually use your site. You’ll see how long they stay at certain pages, how far they scroll down your articles, and which ads they click on. You are also provided with heat maps and other metrics to analze your site even further.

ClickTale allows you to truly understand your visitors behavior and quickly optimize all your pages. Think about how much money you will save in testing out your landing pages. Unless your really lucky it take lots of time and money until you find the perfect landing page. By using ClickTale you can quickly see exactly whats going on with your page. I noticed that visitors to my one landing page almost never scrolled to the bottom where I had some affiliate links. Clearly it was a waste to have info down there when no one was looking there. I shortened the page and made it more concise which led to an increased ROI.

You can try ClickTale for free right now and it only takes a few minutes to setup a test. They are currently offering 100 recorded page visits a week for free. If you need to analyze a lot more traffic, they offer reasonable priced packages. Spending a few bucks on a tool to quickly and easily increase your profits is well worth it in my opinion.

Stop Competing With The Big Dogs

When I first got involved with affiliate marketing I had no idea where to start. Every blog and forum I was reading were all talking about making mad cash promoting ring tones via PPC (Pay Per Click). Not knowing any better I started pushing ring tones. My landing page looked like a 7 year old made it, my keywords costs a ton, and my ad copy was terrible. But some how I expected to make all this cash I kept hearing about.

Of course I ended up losing money and getting discouraged but what could of realistically happened? I entered a battle armed with a sling shot and was fighting against nukes and jet fighters. After that wonderful experience I realized what I was up against. A lot of the players making bank off ring tones; poured thousands of dollars into tests campaigns, had professional landing pages, proper ad copy, understood quality score, and had custom tracking scripts to see which keywords were converting.

There was no way I should of expected to compete; especially just starting out. My point is you can save yourself some time and hassle by going after less competitive niches. Of course you won’t find the volume of searches for a smaller niche but at least you will have a chance to compete in it. For most big affiliates it just isn’t worth their time to start messing around in a small niche. Use this to your advantage and set out to dominate those little niches yourself!

Have a Plan Each Day

You need to plan your work day out if you want to maximize your time. When I first started with affiliate marketing I was very unorganized and barely got anything done. I would start researching offers to promote, then in the middle of that check my stats, go to some emails, then get back to researching. Then I’d go read some blogs or forums and finally get back to researching the offer. What a waste of time!

The way around this is to have discipline and write your goals out for the day. I find writing them down the night before works better than jotting them down in the morning. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in day if you plan ahead. Many people just play there work day by ear but its very difficult to maximize your production this way.

Every night I list my goals for the following day in an EverNote to do list. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you check each one off. List your goals in order of importance. Don’t let small issues come before important ones. Its so easy to waste hours on some unimportant task when you could be using that time to make more money!

5 Minutes to Increased Affiliate Profits

If your running any kind of affiliate offer, you should always be looking for ways to increase your profits. The usual things to focus on are ad copy, landing page, ad placement, quality score, and the list goes on. All those things must be done to max your profits but I think many marketers don’t realize you can simply find a higher payout to improve your bottom line.

When I first started in affiliate marketing I only knew of Commission Junction and Google Adsense. Most of the offers I tried on CJ paid a % of the sale. The only way to make serious cash was to make tons of sales. Luckily I learned about a CPA (Cost Per Action) network called Azoogle Ads. I was shocked to see how much they would pay if I got a lead or sold a product. Unlike CJ, Azoogle Ads gives a flat payment for each lead or sale you generate. For example if you promoted their free Blockbuster offer awhile back you could be earning over $40 a lead.

After finding Azoogle Ads I learned there are lots of CPA networks out there and they all have varying payouts even on the exact same offers. At the time I was running an offer with a $20 payout. I joined a few CPA networks to see if anyone had a higher payout. I found one paying $25 on the exact same offer. I just switched my links to the new network and my profits jumped by 25% over night!

You are throwing money away if you don’t compare payouts from all the networks. You will be surprised at the different payouts. By joining lots of networks you can quickly compare payouts on any offer you are going promote. If you apply to a network and don’t hear anything back in a few days, be sure to call to get your application approved quickly.

CPA Networks I use:
Azoogle Ads
Hydra Network

Keep Track of Everything

When I first started with affiliate marketing I was lazy and didn’t always record all the details about the campaigns I was running. I used to run tests and if they didn’t show a profit I would delete them. Big mistake, all those stats that were collected could of helped me. A few times I ran similar tests twice since I had no record or memory of them.

This lack of organization has costs me money. All those stats can help you optimize future campaigns. Plus having records of your campaigns comes in handy with seasonal offers. I had a Christmas offer do fairly well last year but due to not recording everything I had to try to remember most of the details.

A great, free tool to keep track of things and organize your thoughts is EverNote. The free version is all you really need. If your a scatter brain like me, this will really help you out

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